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Seminal Contribution to the Information Systems Engineering Field

A great honor for the researchers! The paper entitled “Change Patterns and Change Support Features in Process-Aware Information Systems”, which had been originally presented at the CAiSE'07 conference in Trondheim, was selected as one of the most seminal works published in the last 25 years in the prestigious CAiSE conference series. The paper has been co-authored by Barbara Weber, Manfred Reichert and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma and now been re-printed in a Springer book.

Seminal Contribution

The following book was presented at the CAiSE’13 conference in Valencia in June this year. Manfred Reichert was also invited to the “25 years of CAiSE” panel to give a statement about the selected work.

Bubenko, J.; Krogstie, J.; Pastor, O.; Pernici, B.; Rolland, C.; Sølvberg, A. (Eds.) Seminal Contributions to Information Systems Engineering - 25 Years of CAiSE, Springer, 2013


In 2013, the International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE) has turned 25. Initially launched in 1989, for all these years the conference has provided a broad forum for researchers working in the area of Information Systems Engineering. To reflect on the work done so far and to examine prospects for future work, the CAiSE Steering Committee decided to present a selection of seminal papers published for the conference during these 25 years and to ask their authors, all prominent researchers in the field, to comment on their work and how it has developed over the years. The decision was based on the impact of the paper on the information systems engineering field, the number of citations received, and the technical quality.

The DBIS researchers are pleased that their work on process change patterns has been included in this prestigious book, which again acknowledges the high impact and international visibility of DBIS research. Also the journal article Change Patterns and Change Support Features - Enhancing Flexibility in Process-Aware Information Systems. Data and Knowledge Engineering, 66(3): 438-466, which extends the work presented in the CAiSE’07 paper, has been frequently cited, thus further illustrating the impact of DBIS research. In fact, this extended article on process change patterns constitutes the most cited article of the Data & Knowledge Engineering Journal in the last five years.

Reflections on our work on process change patterns as well as their evolution and impact can be found in the following paper:
Reichert, Manfred and Weber, Barbara (2013) Process Change Patterns: Recent Research, Use Cases, Research Directions. In: Seminal Contributions to Informatiohe n Systems Engineering - 25 Years of CAiSE. Springer, pp. 398-404

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