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Chapter 9 - Process Evolution and Instance Migration

Business processes evolve over time due to changes in their legal, technical, or business context, or as a result of organizational learning. As a consequence, pre-specified process models and their technical implementation in a PAIS need to be adapted accordingly. Moreover, pre-specified process models often have to be changed to cope with design errors, technical problems, or poor model quality. This chapter presents techniques to tackle these challenges and to change implemented business processes at a technical level. First, it deals with process model evolution, i.e., the evolution of pre-specified process models over time to accommodate changes of real-world processes. In this context, techniques are introduced for dealing with already running process instances and their on-the-fly migration to the changed process model, without violating any correctness and soundness properties. Second, this chapter introduces process model refactorings to foster internal process model quality and to ensure maintainability of the PAIS over time.

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