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Chapter 4 - Process Modeling & Flexibility-by-Design

This chapter deals with process models whose behavior can be pre-specified at build-time and their run-time support in a PAIS. Usually, such a pre-specified process model defines all activities to be executed, their control flow and data flow dependencies, organizational entities performing the activities, the data objects manipulated by them, and the application services invoked during their execution. The chapter gives insights into the modeling, execution, and verification of pre-specified process models, and therefore serves as foundation of the subsequent chapters of this book. In particular, it introduces control flow patterns as major building blocks for creating process models and discusses how flexibility-by-design can be achieved using these patterns. Furthermore, the chapter explores the verification of process models and the assurance of their correct executability before deploying them to the PAIS run-time environment. Finally, it elaborates on the enactment of process instances and the coordination of corresponding activities at run-time as specified in the process model.

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