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Chapter 3 - Flexibility Issues in Process-Aware Information Systems

Traditionally, process-ware information systems (PAISs) have focused on the support of predictable and repetitive business processes. Even though respective processes are suited to be fully pre-specified in a process model, flexibility is required to support dynamic process adaptations in case of exceptions. Flexibility is also needed to accommodate the need for evolving business processes and to cope with business process variability. Furthermore, PAISs are increasingly used to support less structured processes which can often be characterized as knowledge-intensive. Processes of this category are neither fully predictable nor repetitive, and therefore cannot be fully pre-specified at build-time. The (partial) unpredictability of these processes also demands a certain amount of looseness. This chapter deals with the flexibility needs of both pre-specified and loosely-specified processes and elicitates requirements for flexible process support in a PAIS. In addition, the chapter discusses PAIS features needed to accommodate flexibility needs in practice like, for example, traceability, business compliance and user support.

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