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Chapter 13 - User- and Data-driven Processes

In practice, many business processes are rather unstructured, knowledge-intensive, and driven by user decisions and data. Typically, these processes can not be straight-jacketed into a set of activities with pre-specified precedence relations; i.e., the primary driver for the progress of the process is not the event related to activity completion, but the availability of certain values for data objects. When implementing such user- and data-driven processes in a PAIS, a tight integration of processes, data and users therefore becomes necessary. This chapter presents case handling as an example of such a process support paradigm. Following this, the fundamental characteristics of user- and data-driven processes are elaborated in detail. In particular, it is shown that object-awareness is required; i.e., a PAIS should manage data by means of object types that comprise object attributes and relations to other object types. Picking up this metaphor, pioneering work targeting at a tight integration of processes and data is evaluated. Besides case handling, this includes Proclets, business artifacts, data-driven process coordination, and product-based workflows.

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