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Chapter 8 - Monitoring and Mining Flexible Processes

8.1. Execution and Change Logs

Discuss why both execution and change logs are needed in adaptive PAISs.


8.2. Mining Flexible Processes

Download the execution log file used in Section 8.2 as well as the original process model from the book website. To work on this exercise you need the process mining tool ProM which can be obtained from To familiarize yourself with ProM check out the tutorial (see the link on the book website). Having obtained enough insights into ProM try to reproduce the analyses described in Section 8.2.


8.3. Commutativity of Process Changes and Change Mining

Give examples of commutative and non-commutative process changes. Why does the utilization of commutativity among change operations contribute to more meaningful and compact change process models?


8.4. Mining Change Logs

Consider the first six process instances depicted in Fig. 8.7 and derive a change process model for them (i.e., ignore the last three process instances in your analysis).

Fig. 8.7 Changed Process Instances and Related Change Log Instances


8.5. Process Variant Mining

Discuss potential benefits of process variant mining from the perspective of a process engineer?


8.6. Process Variant vs. Change Mining

Compare process change mining with process variant mining. Discuss commonalities and differences.

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