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Chapter 11 - Concretizing Loosely-Specified Processes

11.1. Decision Deferral Patterns

Compare the different decision deferral patterns described in this chapter. Describe their advantages and disadvantages and give examples of their use.


11.2. Addressing Flexibility Needs with Decision Deferral Patterns

Exercise 3.1 describes the check-in and boarding procedures from the perspective of travelers Tom and Tina Traveler. When reading the two scenarios you will see that, though the check-in and boarding procedures of both Tom and Tina are similar, there are many differences in the exact course of action.

  • How could this process be modeled using decision deferral patterns?
  • Which of the decision deferral patterns do you think are most useful in this context?
  • Would it make sense to combine a pre-specified process model with decision deferral patterns?
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